I started out as a Virtual Assistant and eventually niched down into the industry that I'm truly passionate about! Not only do I help other Wedding Creatives (photographers, videographers, MUAs, etc.) with the behind the scenes of their business, but I also help Brides-to-Be make their dreams a reality while giving them the freedom to enjoy their Best Day Ever.

I'm a Virtual Assistant for Wedding Creatives
AND a Wedding Coordinator.

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If you’re not feeling that “can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff,” I can help you get there! 


seamless support FOR WEDDING CREATIVES AND BRIDES behind the scenes.

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Elevating Client Experiences
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Transforming the Plans into Celebrations
Prioritizing the Details
Achieving Your Goals Together

stephanie king

"Danielle has been an incredible asset to my team. Before I hired Danielle my days were all running together and I didn't have time to breathe. If you are looking for an excellent VA that will be an asset to your company and is a pleasure to work with, Danielle is your girl (though I'm not sure I want to share her.)"

- My Essential Birth

julia ogden

"I can't think of something more essential to my wedding than Danielle. I know that if I didn't have her help, my day would have not gone as planned. I felt like I could enjoy the knowing she had everything under control." 

- march 2024 bride

ruby varela

"Danielle is absolutely amazing! She has helped my business so much and has taken a load off of my shoulders as a business owner. She’s a wonderful writer! She understands what my clients want and need! Having her on our team had been a game changer!" 

- pixels & prints imagery

jacqueline galindez

"Danielle demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, maintained focus, and provided a reassuring presence throughout my wedding planning process. Her ability to thrive under pressure and bring my vision to life exceeded all my expectations. If you're in need of a skilled wedding coordinator who genuinely enjoys planning events, I wholeheartedly recommend her services."

- june 2023 bride

amy wicks

"if you hire really well, you can move the needle forward in business and get the ROI for making the right hire. danielle has my back and helps me get the tedious jobs done. I appreciate her follow through on truly helping me with the right things."

- simply wholehearted


"danielle had a good attitude, energy, and willingness to take direction and also take charge. I felt very comfortable working with her. her personality is pleasant and genuine, and i appreciate how hardworking she is.

she takes direction very well and was very responsive during critical times."

petal + rose event co.

angelica escandon

"Danielle’s hard work and attention to detail were spot-on, making everything perfect despite unexpected changes. Choosing her for the job was the best call — I wouldn't have trusted anyone else.

My wedding day was the best ever thanks to her dedication in getting every detail right. Definitely a dream come true!" 

- october 2023 bride

Kehau Gabriel

"Danielle was direct with her willingness to learn. In this business, the confidence to be direct is significant. I appreciated her willingness to learn my coordinating style while working with me. I appreciate that type of flexibility in a contract hire situation. She took on a really hot day in a grueling venue and kept her grace and wits about her!"

xoxo weddings

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Serving the SoCal area. 

If you are a bride-to-be who is overwhelmed, anxious, or even busy working your actual job while trying to plan a wedding, it’s time to talk! We’ll come up with a custom plan on how to get from the Pinterest Board to reality so you can enjoy your big day STRESS-FREE! When you hire a Wedding Coordinator, you're taking the pressure off of yourself and your loved ones by leaving your day in the capable hands of a person who ensures the little details don’t get overlooked!

for the bride & groom

wedding coordinator


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As a Wedding Planner, you’ve been working with your couples for months now planning every detail from flowers, to cake, to the dramatic exit. Now it’s the BIG DAY, and you need someone you can rely on to help you make sure it’s going according to plan!


day of wedding assistance

for the wedding planners

If you need ongoing support with your behind the scenes tasks, this service is for you. I want you to be able to have the time and energy to work on what lights you up in your business! Why settle for doing the bare minimum for your clients when you can delegate those tasks so you can focus on elevating your entire client experience?



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